Math 30-1 EDGE Study Guide Workbook

Fully compatible with your current classroom resources, and comprehensive as a stand-alone resource for at-home students, the Math 30-1 EDGE is the ultimate study guide.

Written by the proven math team at RTD Learning, the EDGE is laser-focused on the curriculum and diploma exam, and is chalk-full of easy-to-follow learning activities, summary notes, and most importantly - tons of relevant practice questions.

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Access to the Math 30-1 EDGE ONLINE

Access on-demand e-learning videos where our instructors walk you through the EDGE Study Guide content, as well as interactive learning activities and responsive (different questions each time) practice exams.

Use as a supplement to your class notes and textbook to study for unit tests or as a standalone resource to guide you through the entire course

Sample - 1.2 Transformations

Guest Access to the EDGE Online Learning Portal

Inclusion in a Supportive Learning Community

Through the EDGE ONLINE learning portal, students will be able to share ideas with fellow students and post questions of lead teachers Kyle and Marc.

Access will be provided for as long as you are taking Math 30-1, whether you are studying self-paced or are in school finishing in quarter I (October 2021) or at the end of the first semester in January 2022.

And when you're finished, you'll receive discount access to any proven RTD Diploma Prep Course!

The Math 30-1 EDGE Complete Pricing

$99 includes printed study guide with everything listed above - Special Introductory Pricing

Serious Value! We're pleased to provide the Math 30-1 EDGE 500+ page study guide plus all supporting online resources at an accessible price for Alberta families. Additional learning support can be found in our tutoring section. Postage and handling for the EDGE Study Guide is $20


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