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Rock the Diploma have been leaders in Diploma Prep since 2008. Now students can access materials from our proven exam prep courses on-demand. Prepare for any unit test, assignment, or class final with ease with these expertly developed resources.

Detailed Unit Summary Booklets - Guided Instructional Videos

Course Study Packs utilize much of the same learning materials and practice exams as provided in our diploma exam prep courses. For maximum benefit many students chose to use our Study Packs for help throughout their course work and then register for a diploma prep. We’ll provide a fresh set of learning materials at the start of your diploma prep and the fresh perspective of another outstanding teachers – as well as a discount.

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Study Pack Pricing

$69 per course

Includes immediate online PDF access to course study materials (start studying for your remaining unit tests!), anytime video instruction, and additional practice exams. Course materials can be directly mailed for an additional $20.

On Demand Videos are provided within 24 hours of purchase.


Note for Math 30-1 students: RTD provides you two learning support options. The course study pack described on this page is more concise in nature, while the Math 30-1 EDGE is quite comprehensive and supported by the extensive EDGE study guide workbook. Materials provided in each option are different, so students could consider taking both.

Refund Policy: RTD courses, whether in-person, online on-demand, or online live, are designed to be of the highest quality. As such, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your course we'll find a solution for you or provide a refund - it's that simple!