Be Ready for Every Test, All Year, With RTD Study Packs

Now more than ever, your 30-level course grades matter. RTD Study Packs combine all the best materials from our highly effective Diploma Prep Courses, packaged up in an easy to use format that will help you boost your marks all year long.

Study Packs present course materials in a comprehensive and easy to digest way, making them the perfect study aid for your 30-level courses. They effectively help you prepare for:

  • Unit Tests
  • Assignments
  • Class Finals

For students writing April diploma exams – Study Packs provide utilize our same proven diploma prep materials that you can access on-demand!

What's Included in a Study Pack?

  • Course Notes: Unit by unit study notes that will help you understand even the trickiest concepts.
  • Practice Exams: These tests contain the most relevant questions, so you know you're prepared.
  • Instructional Videos: Video of expert Alberta teachers explaining the course material in a Diploma Prep setting.
  • RTD Support: Need more help? Becoming an RTD Study Pack student means that you can reach out to our team if you're ever stuck.

Who Can Benefit from Study Packs?

Anyone interested in learning new concepts, improving their understanding of class materials and increasing their grades will find RTD Study Packs to be an indispensable tool. We're so sure you'll find them useful that we guarantee you'll be satisfied or we'll provide a refund. It's that easy!

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Study Pack Pricing

$69 per course

The earlier in a course you start using your Study Pack to compliment class materials, the better the result. We recommend using it throughout the semester for maximum benefit in each unit. 

We look forward to you joining the RTD Community, and happy studying!

Includes immediate online PDF access to course study materials (start studying for your remaining unit tests!), anytime video instruction, and additional practice exams. Course materials can be directly mailed for an additional $20.

On Demand Videos are provided within 24 hours of purchase.


Note for Math 30-1 students: RTD provides you two learning support options. The course study pack described on this page is more concise in nature, while the Math 30-1 EDGE is quite comprehensive and supported by the extensive EDGE study guide workbook. Materials provided in each option are different, so students could consider taking both.