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Comprehensive Learning Materials (Course Study Guide and Practice Exams) - Course learning materials can also be mailed directly to you for just $20 extra

Access to all on-demand Instructional Videos - Videos are fully aligned to student learning materials and are designed to provide the same learning experience as attending our in-person classes. You will recieve access within 24 hours of registration.

These videos are perfect for preparing for the Diploma Exams or course support throughout the year.

An Instructor-lead Q&A in January 2024: Students will be able to ask questions directly to their instructors and communicate with other students. (This is optional – the entire review courses is accessible on-demand)

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Note for Math 30-1 students: RTD provides you two learning support options. The course study pack described on this page is more concise in nature, while the Math 30-1 EDGE is quite comprehensive and supported by the extensive EDGE study guide workbook. Materials provided in each option are different, so students could consider taking both.