Exceptional Learning Support from Certified Alberta Classroom Teachers

Math and Physics can seem daunting to many students, but real gains can be made with the right type of instruction and guidance. Marc Lambert (Math) and Kyle Brown (Math and Physics) are proven Alberta teachers who take a conceptual and visual approach to helping students build understanding, and then apply that knowledge to become better problem-solvers.They take the time to get to know and understand their students, and then customize a learning plan with relevant, curriculum-aligned practice materials that only experienced classroom teachers can provide.

Tutoring spots for semester II (starting February 1st 2022) are now open for booking.

More than Just Online Tutoring - a Supportive Learning Community

The "PLUS", in Online Tutoring Plus, refers to the wealth of extra learning support and services that RTD offers, beyond the scope of discount tutoring services offered by non-teachers. RTD Online Tutoring Plus students will benefit from:

Access to an extensive collection of learning materials, which can be utilized before, after, and during tutoring sessions.Click here for a sample for Math 20-1.

Customized learning content based on specific needs.

Connection to a community of students across the province, who are studying the same course and can post questions and comments that either instructors or students themselves can answer.

Online Tutoring Schedule


Book your online tutoring session for any available time in February, 2022.  (Calendar will soon be updated with slots for March through June)

Note: Tutoring in Math 10C, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2, or 31 is available in any session, Math 9, 10-3, 20-3, as well as Physics 20 or 30 are also available in sessions led by Kyle

How to register for Online Tutoring for RTD

1 - REGISTER for the Tutoring Plus Program and receive your student number. You will not be charged anything at this time.

2 - CHOOSE which session(s) to attend from the Calendar above, and note the three digit session ID number. You can choose any open or shared session – click on any session for further information about cost and how shared sessions work.

3 - SIGN-UP for a tutoring session(s) using this form, using your student number and session ID. Once you are signed up for at least one session we’ll provide access to all of the notes, videos, and practice materials that we have available for your course.

4 - Once the time comes, JOIN your session by clicking on the meeting link provided in the calendar (see example below).

The RTD Tutoring Plus program is designed to connect Alberta (or other jurisdiction) students with certified experienced teachers. Learning is further supported with access to comprehensive notes, videos, and practice materials we have designed for most high school math and physics courses.

Cost for a 65 minute online session is $65 for one-on-one, with lower cost options for “shared” sessions with two or three students.

How Shared Sessions Work:

We’ll align students such that they will only share a session with other students taking the same course and requiring tutoring in the same topics. These topics are set by the first student who joins by signing up for an OPEN session. At that time we’ll list the course and topics they indicated on the calendar, and mark it SHARED.

For example, on the calendar dates shown below there is a shared session being offered (one or two other students already signed up, topics are set) and an open session. (no one has yet signed up)

Click on any shared session to see what course / topics the session will be focused on. If it’s a match, you can also sign up and the cost will be reduced for all students involved.

Tutoring Session Costs: $65 (one-on-one), $45 (two students), $35 (three students)